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Hello & thank you for visiting my site

My name is Samantha Atkins – most people call me Sam for short.

I am often asked : “so how did you get into Reflexology then Sam ?”

Well, after working at several large organisations, mainly in Office Management, I felt completely burnt out by office life: long working hours, little job satisfaction & the hell of commuting!

My friend was having Reflexology (which she raved about) to help with her IBS & she suggested I go along to de-stress.

The rest, as they say, is history !

I owe a lot to that Reflexologist, Jo Drummond MAR, whose love, support & encouragement really inspired me.

I had always been interested in complementary therapies and had completed some short courses in colour therapy, crystal healing & Louise Hay’s “you can heal your life” programme, but I had never really thought I could do something I loved so much as a “job”.

Fast forward a few years to where I am now & I couldn’t be happier.

I created TheWholeU in 2004 to encourage people to explore the positive benefits of holistic therapies and in doing so encourage them to look at themselves as a WHOLE – mind, body & spirit.

I really believe that Reflexology is my vocation and I have a real calling to help people, especially in the area of fertility – in which I have had great successes.

I was privileged to be the first therapist in London to be invited to join Nourish-Fertility’s “satellite clinic network”, providing services to women who want to conceive naturally and I am also undertaking additional training with Nourish & Niravi Payne , pioneer in the Mind – Body link in fertility, to become a Whole Person Fertility Programme Practitioner. (see links & articles page for more details)

It’s been an honour for me to share in & be part of the journey for so many women and couples in their quest for parenthood – with 33 pregnancies and 29 healthy babies born to date. (June 2006) (see Fertility, Pregnancy & Women’s Health page for more details)

As well as seeing private clients, I also provide regular corporate therapies for several large companies & their workforces including Flightcentre UK, Sky TV, The Department of Health & BMI.  

I also provide events therapies at confer
ences, roadshows & relaxation days across the country – My sister company www.NoStressNow.co.uk deals with these. 


Fully insured & registered holistic practitioner.

I am a full qualified member of :

·               The Association of Reflexologists

·               The Institute of Indian Head Massage

·               Independent Professional Therapists International

I am a registered healing with

The International Natural Healers Association.

and also a :

Reiki master & a full member of

The International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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