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"It has been an absolute honor for me to share in & be part of the journey for so many women and couples I have worked with in their quest for parenthood - with 33 pregnancies and 29 healthy babies born to date." - Samantha Atkins (June 2006)

Our Approach

At TheWholeU we are passionate about women's health, and we understand that being a woman in this day & age is often not easy. Whether you are a working woman or a full time Mum, you are expected to juggle a whole host of tasks as well as trying to look after yourself – which often comes bottom of your list.

It’s no wonder the delicate balance of our hormones can be thrown into chaos with the physical & emotional stresses we put ourselves under.  

Period pains, sore breasts, mood swings, headaches, ‘feeling down or teary’, bloating and hot flushes are just a few of the symptoms women have to contend with all too regularly.

At TheWholeU we show you there IS an alternative to just popping painkillers & suffering in silence.

We offer a positive alternative, which helps you regain your balance - both physically & emotionally – allowing you to once again feel empowered in your own body & not look on it as the enemy.

Some Conditions we have helped...

·         Menstrual problems – Irregular / heavy/ painful/ absent

·         Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

·         Endometriosis

·         Fertility issues

·         PMS

·         Breast tenderness

·         Fibroids / Ovarian Cysts

·         Mood Swings

·         Depression

·         Menopause (& peri-menopause)

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For many women (& indeed men), the stress and anxiety associated with failing to conceive can be overwhelming. At TheWholeU we understand first hand what this means to you.

The Media bombard us with statistics on rates of falling fertility, rising miscarriage & women leaving it “too late”. This does nothing but add more stress & anxiety onto an often already burdened woman.

While there can be many reasons behind “infertility”, there is also a growing awareness of things we can do to help ourselves – IF we are willing to put in the effort. We live in an “on demand” society so we expect to fall pregnant the minute we choose to or stop taking contraception – this is not the case. 

In fact if you were in optimum health & well-being your chances of natural conception in any one month is only between 20-30%.

In fact in every 100 couples trying to conceive :

·                30 will have conceived in 1 month

·                75 will have conceived within 6 months

·                90 will have conceived within 1 year

·                95 will have conceived within 2 years

That leaves just 5% after 2 years who may need additional medical intervention.

At TheWholeU we work holistically helping you to:

·   fully understand your body

·   feel more positive & relaxed

·   work towards bringing the whole body into a state of balance

·   help you address any psychological or emotional 
                         blocks that may be standing in your way to parenthood.

Samantha was privileged to be the first Reflexologist & holistic practitioner in London to be invited to join Nourish-Fertility’s “satellite clinic network”, providing services to women who want to conceive naturally. Founder of Nourish, Jane Sheldon Clarke, says: “I am delighted to welcome Samantha onboard and I am confident that she will be a real asset to the team. Samantha has a wealth of experience dealing with fertility issues and shares the holistic approach Nourish takes to a healthy and natural pregnancy.”

TheWholeU is proud to have strong links with Nourish Fertility as it is a British company developed out of a passion for the well being of future parents and their children. Made up of a team of integrated traditional and complementary medical practitioners, Nourish aims to provide for those who seek greater choice, information and control, a view shared by Sam at TheWholeU.

Samantha uses & stocks all of the Nourish products, including the Conception Conditioning kits - These natural formulations have been carefully researched and developed by a team of health professionals in the fields of nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy and herbal medicine. You can find out more about Nourish on our links page.

TheWholeU Fertility Therapy

It is the body's natural instinct to conceive. Next to the need for food, water & shelter, conception is one of our foremost survival instincts. Mother Nature is a clever lady! - If the body does not believe that it has the ability to sustain a full term pregnancy, it will not conceive – it’s as simple as that.

Conception will occur when there is enough balance between the emotional, hormonal and physical selves – The Whole U.

TheWholeU Fertility Therapy can bring balance on all levels to reduce stress & anxiety and help you work through any emotional and psychological barriers to conception. When the body and mind are less stressed there is much greater opportunity to turn the energies toward conception.

This applies to both natural and assisted conception.

Our Therapy has been designed to examine all the key areas of your life – your body, your lifestyle, nutrition, your mental & emotional states and your family history & patterns together with the support of Reflexology to soothe & relax both your mind & body. Together they will help to boost your fertility and hopefully achieve a healthy pregnancy.

We explore with you how women's and men's minds and bodies can be so affected by generations of their families' beliefs and patterns of behavior that their natural fertility and ability to conceive can be blocked.

We know that conception has more to do with how you feel about yourself as a sensual, sexual and fertile woman and less to do with age and statistics. And a lot about how we feel about ourselves today is largely influenced by unexpressed (often unconscious) thoughts, emotions & beliefs from childhood.

TheWholeU Fertility Therapy allows for a process of self-analysis. This together with our support & assistance, can help women and men become conscious about how they need to change their minds and their lives to reclaim their natural fertility, conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

All of this is accomplished in a totally respectful, non-judgmental, supportive & caring way.

The process

Click here to see an overview of TheWholeU Fertility Therapy(PDF File)

Unfortunately, TheWholeU Fertility Therapy is not a magic cure. Nor will it lead to overnight success (although it sometimes does !)  It will however encourage you to address the mind/body link to conception and help you to make simple shifts to your live. This can result in major effects on your body & health. Optimum health & well-being = enhanced & effective body functions which can lead to an easier conception and healthier pregnancy and baby.

"In the process of resolving painful childhood experiences and family conflicts, it is possible to create a healthy new inner life, a new life together as a couple, and a new life in the form of a baby. This awesome revelation has led me to become totally committed to empowering women and men to take charge of their reproductive life, their health, and their well-being." Niravi B. Payne

Is it right for you ?

·         Women / Couples who are just starting out on their journey to parenthood & want to ensure they are in the best shape possible before conceiving

·         Women / Couples with no fertility issues but who would like to ensure a healthy pregnancy & baby

·         Women / Couples with diagnosed fertility issues

·         Women / Couples with unexplained fertility issues.

·         Women / Couples who have been trying to conceive for a while without success

·         Women / Couples embarking on Assisted Reproduction Procedures (such as IUI, IVF, ICSI etc) who wish to improve their chances of conception.

·        Those with a history of recurrent miscarriage

·         Those with an unresolved issue regarding their sexuality, family issues or abortion.

See this BBC article : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5098454.stm  

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The alternative

You might decide that Reflexology alone is enough for you at this time.

Reflexology sessions not only help to de-stress the body AND mind, but it also helps to harmonise hormones, encourage the immune and lymphatic systems and stimulate the reproductive area.

The sessions can also help you de-stress & unwind and literally “put your feet up” for an hour.

You might choose to take up Fertility Therapy at a later date which is fine too!                You have to go with what feels right for you – right now.

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What the clients say

click here for testimonials & some of our successes
.  (PDF File)

with special thanks to the parents who
allowed me use pictures of their new bundles of joy

Pregnancy & Postnatal Care


Pregnancy is obviously a time for great joy and excitement but it is also the most physically and emotionally demanding time in a woman's life. Pregnancy care at TheWholeU is concerned with helping you stay relaxed, healthy and physically comfortable during the whole nine months.

Reflexology is a wonderful way to stay “balanced” at a time when your body doesn’t feel like your own anymore ! The relaxation element alone is enough to help with both the physical discomforts and also any emotional concerns faced by the mum to be – in the assurance that there are no negative side effects to your baby.

Research has found that the more stressed a mother is during pregnancy the more prone that child will be to anxiety in their life so it is so beneficial to incorporate some form of relaxation into your routine.

Reflexology is recommended throughout the pregnancy to ensure optimum health – many of the common symptoms in pregnancy such as morning sickness, indigestion, constipation, headaches, mood swings and general tiredness can all be reduced or completely resolved. It can also help ease backache and swollen feet, legs & hands.

But Reflexology is especially beneficial in the final trimester and can help ensure a good circulation to the pelvic region & uterus, help with a breach presentation and generally facilitate a healthy, natural labour. Reflexology has also been shown to be helpful to “bring on” labour by stimulating the uterus & helping with the cascade of hormones when a woman is over due.

Good antenatal nutrition is the best gift you can give to your growing baby, and ensuring a healthy pregnancy & building happy, healthy babies!  At TheWholeU, we stock & recommend Nourish Fertility Pregnancy supplements to support our clients.  


 Postnatal Care

The postnatal period refers to the 6 weeks directly following childbirth. After the birth many mothers dive straight in & forget about their own health & well-being. BUT for all of the same reasons that Reflexology is so important to offer women extra care during pregnancy, it is equally important to provide extra support post partum.

Doing too much too soon can be very depleting to a system that has just undergone a very taxing period.

Physically, the kind of supplementation that reflexology brings helps to promote the body's natural healing functions to their fullest potential by boosting your immune & lymphatic systems, harmonizing the hormonal system & ensuring good circulation, as well as giving you some well earned “time out”. 

Emotionally, the postnatal period can be very different from some mother's expectations. The first few days are often filled with feelings of both elation and depression, with many and varied swings between the two. This is thought to be due to the severe hormonal fluctuations, especially in the first week after birth.

These feelings are expected to subside after a few days, and very often do settle. Some women however, experience more significant symptoms and for much longer than a few days. This can eventually lead to what is referred to as postnatal depression. Reflexology post partum is very beneficial for balancing the hormones and will often help women to feel more stable & back to their “old” selves.

I am able to do postnatal home visits, as we would not promote traveling during your first week of recovery.


In western societies there are many negative associations to the menopause – fall in fertility, lower hormone levels, lack of sex drive, the problems with the “empty nest syndrome” and generally a lack of confidence as a woman. Ultimately, these are all associated with loss. Eastern cultures however, see this time of life as one of great wisdom and experience. It is interesting that women in these cultures do not seem to have the same negative physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause or perimenopause as we do in ours.

Afterall, Menopause is a NATURAL life stage and the body, if at optimum health, will naturally fulfill the hormonal needs of a woman at this time.  Unfortunately, with today’s stressful lifestyles and often deficient diets (especially if in the years just leading up to menopause) mean that the body is not in the best health to meet the new hormonal requirements effectively.

This is where the common menopausal symptoms arise:

Hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, depression, anxiety, low libido & poor energy levels are just a few of the discomforts women commonly report. These symptoms and emotional swings can be tremendously distracting and have an unhealthy over-ride in a woman's life.

At TheWholeU, we recognise that menopause can have a very strong impact on how a woman is feeling about herself and her life and how important it is to support a woman at this time.  We encourage women to embrace this phase of their life with the strongest sense of self confidence possible.

Reflexology can help to harmonise your hormones and also help clarify your mind, thereby regaining some balance to the whole U – helping you feel more like yourself again. Together with the right nutritional advice, herbs, supplements and flower essences, the process can be made much easier without the need for further medical intervention like HRT.

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