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Stress - the facts & figures Why you need Stress management On site therapies The Benefits

NoStressNow provides an excellent range of health programmes to allow YOU a cost-effective investment in the well-being of your employees. Packages are individually tailored to your exact requirement and to suit your budget.

A summary of what we can offer :

Full stress management / health programmes
for the whole of your organisation from our certified Corporate Stress Management Consultant.  
One/two day health at work awareness events: posters, leaflets and exhibits on a range of topics from illness to lifestyle management such as diet, exercise and safety awareness.  
Health screening including blood pressure & cholesterol testing, with advice.  
Full range of stress busting on site complementary therapies from highly qualified & experienced complementary therapists, counsellors & Life Coachs.  
Regular scheduled "therapy at work" days to combat stress, including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage & Reiki.    
One off events for conferences, workshops or PR events.

SO what can YOUR organisation do ?

Successful companies share the view: Good employee health and safety really does make good business sense. Successful businesses are almost certainly to be amongst the 35% of UK businesses which have already implemented a comprehensive health programme to support their employees. (HSE figures)

Organisations with high standards of health and safety are often the most effective & productive. This is irrespective of their size or industry.

They view losses from ill-health just like any other type of loss - a problem that needs to be controlled. Lost service means inferior service and certainly poorer customer service. Ultimately this will result in customer dissatisfaction and loss of future business.

Many companies find implementing health programmes to combat stress at work actually provides a financial benefit to the company. This is seen through improved productivity and efficiency; greatly reduced staff absenteeism and related sick pay costs; decreased staff turnover & associated recruitment & training costs; increased staff morale & loyalty and an improved quality of work.


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