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Stress - the facts & figures Why you need Stress management On site therapies The Benefits

Effects of Stress on the body & the benefits from Complementary �touch�  therapies:

Nervous system:  Long-term stress can have a severe impact on the nervous system. Emotions such as anxiety, fear and other negative feelings can bring about an increased heart rate, breathing difficulties, sleep disturbances and digestive problems.

Benefits of therapies:

Both relaxes and gently stimulate the nervous system and induces a sense of calm & tranquillity. 
The effects are soothing and nurturing providing relief from many symptoms of stress including tension, nervous irritability and headaches.
Strengthens and nourishes bones by regenerating the cells and tissues, improving joint mobility and helping to breakdown adhesions.
Improves the blood and lymph flow to the muscles resulting in better circulation to underlying bones.  
Increases muscle metabolism, removing waste products & relieves muscle fatigue.  
Releases toxins and frees areas of deep-rooted tension.  
Nourishes, strengthens and tones muscles.  

Skeletal & muscular systems:  Muscular tension increases with stress which in turn causes poor posture such as hunched shoulders, clenched jaw, stiff joints and problems with the spinal vertebrae and as a result : muscle pain, especially in the back, shoulders and neck regions  

Circulatory & Respiratory system:  Stress causes the heart to beat faster and breath to quicken thus pumping blood around the body quicker. Excessive stress can lead to high blood pressure, coronary thrombosis and heart attacks.

Benefits of therapies:

Improves blood circulation, taking pressure off the arteries & veins, lowering the blood pressure and reducing the heart rate.  
Eliminates toxins from the tissues of the body and lubricates & loosens the joints.  
Increase blood flow to the lungs producing a better interchange of gases. It helps to loosen mucus, ease congestion and increase lung activity thus making the body more resistant to infections.  
Slows and deepen breathing therefore, helping the body to relax.

Lymphatic and immune system:  Stress can cause a weakening of the lymphatic and immune systems of the body with a reduction in the removal of toxins from the tissues.

Benefits of therapies:

Stimulates the lymphatic flow, thus helping in the removal of toxins  
Increases white blood cell production thus strengthening the immune system

"In the UK alone, lifestyle and stress related illness accounts for at least half of all premature deaths."   
Stress Prevention in the Work Place; Assessing the Costs and Benefits to Organisations, The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

Doctors are now recognising the benefits of complementary therapies, particularly for stress, anxiety, chronic conditions & musculo-skeletal disorders. This is  because they are safe, gentle, cost-effective & often help the patient's long-term health as they have both physical AND  psychological benefits.  


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