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Stress - the facts & figures Why you need Stress management On site therapies The Benefits

Complementary therapies by No Stress Now

Benefits of On-Site therapies to the employer�

Increases the productivity of employees leading to increased profitability & excellent customer service  
Enhances the capacity for calm thinking, creativity, greater alertness & accuracy  
Helps decrease sick leave & compensation costs, especially stress-related absenteeism  
 Reduces employee turnover & aids recruitment - promoting loyalty to a company that cares  
Increases the overall morale amongst your workforce  
Shows a responsible attitude towards employee's health and well-being  

 Benefits of On-Site therapies to employees�               

Invigorates and improves the overall well-being of staff thus preventing burnout.  
Boosts the immune system for better general health and resistance to colds and other illnesses.  
Provides relief from accumulated tension brought about by long hours sitting at a desk or stress from dealing with the public.  
Helps employees avoid injuries and prevent mistakes caused by excess stress.
Helps to generate confidence and a positive self-image.  

Eight out of ten visits to the GP are believed to be stress related.  Recent research shows that Repetitive Strain Injuries and other musculo-skeletal disorders such as back complaints are now the primary causes of absenteeism (in Europe) with  half of all work related absences involving strains. Pace of work was found to be a significant risk factor, as was stress. (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work).

Complementary therapies such as Reflexology & Indian Head Massage have a direct positive effect over the prevalence of back problems, RSI, muscle strain, headaches & eye strains, as well as reducing stress, tension & even lowering blood pressure.


Index of Complementary Therapies available :

The 3 therapies listed below are the most convenient & versatile �on site� therapies & are also our most commonly provided & popular services.

Indian Head Massage:  
Especially beneficial for office workers or those whose work involves a lot of reading, fine detail, figure or computer work. Helps relieve stress & tension, improves concentration & memory, eases eye strain & headaches, and helps unwind aching necks & shoulders. 
With the client seated in an ordinary low backed chair, the treatment concentrates on the upper back, neck & shoulders; the arms & hands, and the head, scalp, & forehead.

A calming & relaxing therapy, ideal for those wishing to have a massage without removing their clothes.  Fully clothed, non-invasive therapy which can be completed with or without oil or lotions & can be adapted specifically to the clients exact needs.
Reflexology (foot or Hand):    
Requires the client to remove shoes & socks only.  The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to man for many thousands of years. It was first practiced by the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian people who observed that tension in parts of the feet mirrored congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body. 

The name �reflexology� refers not only to the reflexes in the feet being stimulated but also to the theory that every part of the feet �reflects� an area of the body. The therapist uses her hands to apply gentle pressure to the feet to restore the natural free-flow of energy to the whole body.

Reflexology does not claim to diagnose, prescribe nor cure.

It DOES however encourage the elimination of toxins, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, relaxes the mind & body AND helps normalise the body�s functions. This usually results in an overall feeling of well-being & eases or totally eliminates symptoms of a wide variety of ailments. These include: digestive complaints including IBS; skin complaints & allergies; headaches & migraine; hormonal problems (PMT / PMS / menopause etc); stress, anxiety & depression; muscular ached & pains ~ and much more.  

Meaning �universal life force energy�, Reiki is a simple yet powerful form of hands on healing originating in Japan over 2500 years ago. The input of energy via the therapist encourages the body to regain its balance - whether the cause of the stress or illness is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  

During the channeling of energy, they may become aware of tingling or warm/cold sensations, either in the area being treated or in the region of an old injury. Emotional as well as Physical blockages are released allowing a person to move on with their life.  

This is a very relaxing treatment that is �holistic� in the real sense of the word, working on many different levels, as needed by the client at that particular time. Found especially beneficial for bereavements, life changes or emotional periods in your life.  

Holistic body massage, La stone therapy, manicures & pedicures, acupuncture, counselling, Life Coaching and more available on request.


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