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Stress - the facts & figures Why you need Stress management On site therapies The Benefits

And here�s the evidence :

RESEARCH:        Two studies by the Touch Institute at the University of Miami (1996 & 1997) found that after five weeks a group of employees who had twice-weekly 15 minute complementary therapies (reflexology/massage etc) in the office fared better than a control group of employees who were just told to close their eyes and relax in a chair for 15 minutes twice-weekly. The massaged group experienced reduced stress and improved performance, while the control group did not.

According to this research, office workers massaged regularly were more alert, performed better and were less stressed than those who weren't massaged. The massaged group also reported lower anxiety levels, reduced headaches, improved sleep, lower blood pressure and increased problem-solving ability.

The researchers used electroencephalograms (machine which measures brain activity) on the first and last days of the research to measure alpha and beta waves in both groups, and found massage recipients more alert.

Stress hormones in the saliva of the massaged group were lower than the control group.

The massaged workers completed maths problems in half the time as normal and with half the number of errors they had before they were massaged at each session. The maths skills of the control group did not improve. The massage recipients also reported feeling less fatigued and more clear headed.

A further study looked at the effectiveness of 15-minute on site therapies in reducing stress through measuring blood pressure. The participant's blood pressure was recorded before and after massage and analysis showed a significant reduction in patient's systolic and diastolic blood pressure after receiving the massage.

Companies in the UK are now beginning to follow suit by offering reflexology & other complementary therapies to their staff. These include both public & private sector organisations such as large supermarket chains, a number of major city council,  major banks, multi-national companies,  schools, hospitals and many small businesses. 

CASE STUDIES from Denmark:

Odense Post Office has employed a full-time Reflexologist since 1990 and reports saving at least �100,000 per annum due to a 13.3% reduction in sickness and absenteeism.
Ishoj Municipal Health Department recorded 2,499 fewer sick hours over a 6 month period in which employees received reflexology, giving a saving of �21,490.  
SAS Cargo estimated a financial saving of � 2,000 a month when employees were receiving reflexology.  
Fonss and Hove Solicitors found that employees receiving complementary therapies showed greater motivation and enhanced working ability.  




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