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Stress - the facts & figures Why you need Stress management On site therapies The Benefits

At NoStressNow we treat the whole person the holistic way.

We treat each employee as an individual & respect the fact that each person deals with day to day stresses in their own way.  We understand that dealing with stress in the long-term means helping people take steps to understand themselves, their symptoms and their circumstances. It is only then that they feel empowered enough to do make any changes needed.

Many conventional Stress Management Programmes fall at the first hurdle, by offering a very expensive 'quick-fix' approach in a one- or two-day course.

The most these can do is raise awareness of stress.
NoStressNow offers a comprehensive scheme which is tailored for each company's needs, and within that, to the needs of each individual person.

Our Programme is educative - helping people take responsibility and take care of themselves.

In July 2002 Elizabeth Gyngell, Head of HSE's Health Directorate, Said:

"Stress management should become part of corporate culture as a preventative measure. Our aim is to prevent people being affected by work-related stress. There are early warning signs of stress that managers can look for and steps that can be taken to reduce its effects."

Just some of the benefits of a Stress Management Programme:

Works as a �front line� against sickness and injury
Any cases we pick up can be referred to your Occupational Health Doctor, Human Resources or the employees GP  
Avoid penalties for discriminating against disabled workers  
Saves money in the long term by helping to prevent absenteeism & its associated costs  
Helps you keep  valued staff & retain a healthy workforce
Prolonged stress can lead to tiredness and irritability, a weakening of the immune system and the development of physical illness
Protects against the ever increasing threat of litigation 

Cases such as the groundbreaking Lancaster v Birmingham City Council where an employer, for the first time, admitted liability for personal injury caused by stress. And where a British court, for the first time, set the level of compensation for work-related stress.    Or the landmark case of Walker v. Northumberland County Council where a social worker John Walker, a Unison member, received over �400,000 in compensation for work related stress when the court ruled this was due to "Management failure" of his employer.


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